Ronnie W Rogers Articles On The Person, Will, Ways, and Works of God

Education Resources

Some good resources on understanding public education. (more…)

Does the Existence of God Undermine Science?

A friend of mine was in a position of bringing philosophers, theologians, and scientists together. ...

Reason and Faith, Friend or Foe?

I was asked to participate in a panel discussion at the University of Oklahoma on...

Homosexuality: A Biblical Response

I was asked to participate on a panel discussing the biblical teaching on homosexuality, and...

Media Bias: Caution

Everyone is influenced by mass media, but not everyone is aware of the bias in...

The Lottery: Is It a Good Deal?

I was asked to provide some questions for the moderator of a lottery debate in...

Inerrancy Chart

Christians who believe that the autographs of the Scripture are without error use the term...

Determinism, Humanism, and Free Will in Christianity


Men’s Fraternity Evangelistic Thrust

Evangelism-in-Men's Franternity-a-response-11-2-06.pdf

Can a Christian Be Demon Possessed?

Read more to find out the Scriptural basis of this answer. Demon Possession and Christians