Marriage for Life

The Bible is very clear about God’s design for marriage being one man and one woman married for life. Unfortunately, divorce is not only rampant in our culture, but it is quite prevalent in our churches. At Trinity, the elders became increasingly burdened over the problem of some Christian marriages failing to thrive and situations where one or both partners refuse to work on their marital problems or remain faithful to their marriage vows and to God’s design for marriage.

“Marriage For Life” is what we developed in order to properly extol marriage in our church and help marriages grow stronger so that they do not find themselves in crises. “Marriage For Life” outlines the steps that the church and couples are taking in order to strengthen even the best of marriages as well as what the steps that will be taken in order to resolve even the severest of marital conflicts.

Our desire is that members of Trinity Baptist Church experience marriage as God intended, and thereby enjoy the blessings of God as well as testify to the world of the power of the gospel in their lives.


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Ronnie W. Rogers