Was Paige Patterson Presumed Guilty?

By Ron F. Hale

Who but Winston Churchill possessed the gall and grit to stare down the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany while inspiring his countrymen to endure their greatest struggle and suffering? Yet, after fighting Nazi forces on the beaches, in the air, on the seas and oceans, in the fields and in the streets, the war-weary British immediately set Churchill aside in the 1945 post-war landslide election. It was not the “finest hour” of this great statesman and war hero. Consoling her husband, Mrs. Churchill said, “It may well be a blessing in disguise.” Churchill’s witty comeback was: “At the moment it seems quite effectively disguised.” Continue reading →

Dr. Paige Patterson: Things You Need To Know

Included in this article are some personal thoughts regarding Dr. and Mrs. Patterson, a response by the Patterson’s lawyers to the charges made by the trustees, a link to some enlightening comments and documents provided by Sharayah Colter, links to the three public statements by the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS), and articles by Dr. David Allen, Dr. Norman Geisler, and Dr. Patterson’s open letter. The public statements by the SWBTS trustees are helpful if you are not aware of what has transpired recently regarding Dr. Patterson’s presidency at SWBTS. Continue reading →

Luna Doll, the Sweetest Dog of All!

Luna & Lilly picture 2011We have two Chihuahuas pictured here. Luna is on the left, and Lilly is on the right. They have been inseparable friends for eight years. If you visited the Rogers home and were not properly welcomed by Gina or me, Luna and Lilly always made up for our inhospitableness. This is true whether you were a dog, cat, relative, or stranger. For any and all were heartily and lovingly welcomed by prancing, cuddling, and licking (if you permit).

They never missed attending The Round Table (I wish I could say such for all of the members of The Round Table over the years). Luna would most often choose to ensconce herself upon my lap during the engagements. Her presence on my lap made my note taking and keeping up with the engagements quite challenging, but each time I would consider putting her down, she would turn and look at me and upon my lap, she would remain. This position permitted her to closely observe the engagement of the men of The Round Table, and of course, receive regular petting strokes from her human dad.

Fortunately for us, they were not merely pets, but fierce guard dogs who could be dispatched like the minute men of yesteryear when a dangerous predator, such as a squirrel entered into the protected premises. They slept together so that they were as one, and took care of each other by keeping each other company and cleaning each other whether needed or not. Continue reading →

Since leaving on sabbatical last May, my blogs have been rather sparse. However, this is not due to a lack of interest or lack of material. My absence has been due to expending all of my writing energy on finishing three books.

The first one is at the publisher now. I expect it to be in print before the end of June, and I will let you know when the book is available. It is entitled The Death of Man as Man: The Rise and Decline of Liberty.

The second book is complete, and I am just waiting on one more endorsement. It is entitled Reflections of a Disenchanted Calvinist: The Disquieting Realities of Calvinism. I hope for this one to be in print by July or August.

The third one is complete, but lacks a few more proofings. It is entitled Somewhere Between Fundamentalism and Fluff.

Once I send the second book to the publisher, I should have more time to blog.

Think About IT: Planning is looking better all the time

My sabbatical began by driving to Seaside, Florida, in order to perform a wedding. We planned to divide the trip into two days by getting a room for the night in Mobile, Alabama. Now, for some reason, we decided not to book a room in advance—I guess that decision was made in an adventurous moment of frivolity or dereliction of duty. Here is a glimpse at our trip to the beautiful Floridian beaches.

In a moment of spontaneity, we were seeking to find a place to rest for the night and actually checked into 3 hotels before finding one that was just right.

The first one was too hard even to the point of not accepting Luna & Lilly (our two long-haired Chihuahuas).

The second one was too soft in that they accepted in their dishabille rooms bugs that were larger and more ferocious than Lilly and Luna.

The third one was just right, accepting the whole family without the uninvited critters and very clean.

Oh well, this is not merely a modern rendition of a favorite fairy tale, but rather a true phantasmagoria at the end of a 900-mile drive.

It now appears wise to take a respite from spontaneous spontaneity lest I need a sabbatical from my sabbatical.

“Think about IT” Concise and to the point, I promise!

Those of you who know me know that I am not a first draft writer—meaning that I tend to consider things ad nauseam. Consequently, I tend to refrain from blogging brief comments and only post articles that I have spent some time thinking about, which means that they are at times somewhat lengthy.

Further, those who sit under my weekly preaching, or I suppose even those who have spent any time talking with me, know that I have some difficulty, shall we say, finishing.

The truth is, that from time to time, I have desired to blog briefly on some issues that I do not have the time to consider more deeply, but I have generally refrained except on rare occasion.

However, I am going to start writing concise opinion articles more often. These will not be research articles, and may cover a host of things such as: what happened at church, an extra thought from my message or ponderings, something I heard on TV or radio, I read, saw, or had happen to me or someone I know. The key thing is that instead of refraining from writing on things I have a thought about because I do not have time to research and agonize over the precise wording as I tend to do, I am going to write.

The articles will be entitled “Think About IT”: Then what I am asking us to think about. I have already posted two of these concerning Bristol Palin’s pregnancy and the effectiveness of teaching abstinence, and about Sarah Palin as Vice Presidential candidate.

I hope these will be beneficial to you by being biblically based, clarifying, thought provoking, and a quick read. It will be sort of like walking up to me in the hall and asking me a question, which I respond to briefly, and without much preparation. You will not get everything I think on the subject, or my thoughts about my thoughts on the subject—aren’t you glad—but you will know at least one thing I think about IT. Yes, for you grammarians, the word IT is intended to be in capital letters.

P.S. Now think about what is wrong with me and how pitiful I am when it takes me this long of an article to tell you about how pithy the articles will be. Gee whiz—pray for me.

Shall this plebe return a prince?

Well, by the Grace of God, and your love and support, we are off to the old country—for those of you who still confuse Miami (OK) with Miami (FL), that’s England.

Last time we went to Oxford, we stayed in London a few days as we will be able to this time as well. While in London, we went to the Queen Mother’s palace—referred to in Arkansas, as the place with indoor plumbing. Although we did find her residence extraordinarily comfortable, we were a little peeved by a couple of things. For one, she wasn’t home. Secondly, when I explained to one of the gentlemen standing around that we had traveled a long distance to talk with her, he did not even respond. Continue reading →

Isaac The Cat

Isaac Most of you at Trinity have heard me mention our cat, Isaac.

Usually, I used him in humorous illustrations that highlighted the differences between humans and animals—like the truth that Isaac never did chores, or held down a job, at least we never saw him break a sweat or offer to buy our dinner; although, these were humorous illustrations, they serve to demonstrate the undeniable reality that humans are not only different from animals in degree, but in kind.

Overemphasizing the similarities between people and animals lead some to, practically speaking, equate the two as very near the same, with some even preferring a relationship with an animal over humans; but the similarities between them will never bridge the deep chasm artistically carved by their God given dissimilarities (Genesis 1:26-27). Continue reading →