Following Christ in the Practice of Church Discipline

If the SBC valued church discipline in the way that Christ does, I suggest we would not find ourselves in our current hour of distress. Moreover, if we do not begin to value and follow His commands on how to deal with unrepented of sin in the church, we shall never free ourselves from our present tribulation. Although sin, most certainly, needs to be dealt with at the entity level in which it is found, that does not replace the biblical teaching of local church discipline. To follow Christ, the local church must exercise New Testament church discipline. Continue reading →

A One Woman Man’s Love For His Wife

I have incalculable affections to share with one bride.
I have a million dreams to be fulfilled with one love.
I have two eyes for just one woman.
I have one treasure in my hopes for tomorrow.
I have thoughts for only one smile to which to awaken.
I have two hands to hold only one companion.
I have one life’s devotion to live with one life’s passion.
I have one heart to open to only one person.
I have one friend with whom to saunter through life.
I have one confidant with whom to share my deepest feelings.
I have one soul to unite with only one soul mate.
I have extraordinary memories filled by only one beloved.
I have scant wealth to offer the one who means the world to me.
I have nothing of value to give that I did not receive by grace.
I have one promise to give to only one, to love you every day.

“Nevertheless, each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself.” (Ephesians 5:33).

The Paradox of Christmas

On Christmas, we give thanks and celebrate Christ humbling himself and being born a baby boy in order to die for the sins of the world (John 1:29). That is the greatest gift and message of Christmas; may Christ’s humility, which made the Christmas message possible, be seen in us.

“Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus, who . . . humbled Himself” (Phil 2:5, 8).

He who had no beginning was born. Continue reading →

Some Thoughts On Thinking Christianly About COVID (1 Pet 2:5, 9; Rom 14)

On Sunday, 11/14/21, I preached a message with the above title to help people in our church respond biblically to three areas related to Christians dealing with COVID. I pray these will prove helpful to you as we live for Christ today.

I. How Christians can formulate a Religious exemption claim from the COVID mandate.
II. How Christians should relate to others regarding various opinions regarding COVID
III. How Christians need to handle statistics for the sake of truth-telling

You may access the audio and video here.

Exposing the Unjustness of The Social Justice Movement!

On March 14, I preached two messages with the same title as my book, A Corruption of Consequence. I explained such things as how Critical Race Theory and Martin Luther King are in conflict, the fallacy of equal outcomes, how the views of leading neo-Marxists Max Horkheimer, Antonio Gramsci, and Herbert Marcuse, are driving the social justice movement, and why the left is not condemned or censored like the right. I believe it will help you make sense out of what is going on. Here is the link.

A Letter of Support to Dr. John MacArthur

I sent the following letter of support to John MacArthur. I am not sure if he will see it or not, but I pray he and the church do. However, I thought I would post it to express my public support for a sister church seeking to worship God freely.

The church where I pastor has been meeting since May 17. We have not had to face the state resistance that Grace Community Church and others have had to, but we do want to stand with them in their desire to worship our King!

I have been and am at this very moment grateful for the leadership of John MacArthur and the elder board of GCC.

Dear Dr. MacArthur and Grace Community Church

I write to remind you that although I am sure in many ways, it feels like you are alone, rest assured that you are not. Many of us around the country are praying for you and speaking in support of your desire to follow God and reopen for worship despite the state threats.

You are also not alone in fighting for Grace Community Church because what is happening with you has similarly happened across our country of late to other churches, and unless you, along with the rest of us, stand firm on the Scripture, we will all find ourselves in similar positions.

We know history. We know the depravity of man. And we know the ungodly desires of some political leaders.

Thank you for your humility and courage. Please thank the entire elder and church body of GCC. We pray for all of you and are greatly strengthened by you.

Ronnie W Rogers
Senior Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church
Norman, Ok 73069

Resources for Christians Thinking through Social Justice Issues

These articles, messages, and links are provided to help Christians remain faithful to the Scripture in our actions, heart, and speech at a time when many evangelical leaders are abandoning clear biblical teaching. Or they are unjustifiably mixing biblical teaching with cultural Marxism, social justice, critical race theory, intersectionality, and terminology from Black Lives Matters (BLM), all of which are inferior to the biblical message and tacitly minimize the ungodly beliefs of BLM. In either case, the biblical perspective and the gospel is corrupted.

In their allegiances, they undermine Scripture by confusing such things as social justice with biblical justice, critical race theory’s definition of race and racism with Scripture’s teaching on race and racism, social justice’s evil privilege with biblical blessings, cultural Marxism’s white supremacy and guilt based on skin color and its ineffective repentance with God’s standard, which is that any sinful racial supremacy flows from the heart, but it can be forgiven and all guilt removed by repentance and faith.

Every attempt to speak about racism that does not pedestal “all are created in the image of God” (Gen 1:26-28) or adopts inferior cultural expressions undermines the clarity of the Christian message and the gospel. Continue reading →

What Does Critical Race Theory Mean for Me?

I intend for this article to take some difficult concepts of Critical Theory (CT),[1] Critical Race Theory (CRT),[2] and Intersectionality (IN)[3] under the rubric of Cultural Marxism (CM) and to briefly make them a little more understandable.[4] We must seek to understand these deadly concepts because they have moved from secular academia and the identity politics of Democrats to evangelicalism and the SBC.[5]

Here are a couple of emphases and outcomes of these ideas. Continue reading →

The Gay Christian? Some Thoughts

I Believe:

God loves every sinner and desires to save every person (Titus 2:11). A person who has been involved in homosexual acts or currently struggles with homosexual lust is salvifically loved by God, and can, therefore, be saved in exactly the same way as someone who struggles with heterosexual lust or the same way any other person is saved (John 3:16; Titus 2:11; 2 Pet 3:9).

I Reject the idea of: Continue reading →

Setting The Record Straight On Dr. Patterson

Once again, the Houston Chronicle has endeavored to malign Dr. Patterson by their portrayal of his handling of a very public and difficult situation that happened in the 1980s regarding a young pastor named Darrell Gilyard.

Although Dr. Patterson did not ask me to post his response to the Houston Chronicle, I requested his permission to do so, which he granted. Here are two other articles regarding the character of Dr. Patterson, who I have known for almost forty years. Dr. Paige Patterson: Things You Need To Know and Dr. Patterson’s Counsel to Pray for My Enemies.

The following is Dr. Patterson’s response.

Dr. Patterson’s response to the Houston Chronicle article of August 23, 2019 re: Darrell Gilyard Continue reading →