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Trinity Baptist Church Welcomes Chris and Valerie Haynes

By Ronnie W. Rogers / September 19, 2007 / Comments Off on Trinity Baptist Church Welcomes Chris and Valerie Haynes

On September 9th, Trinity Baptist Church unanimously voted to call Chris Haynes to join the staff of Trinity as “The Minister of Ministry Development and Assimilation”. To our great joy, Chris accepted and he will start on October 1st.

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Coming in View of a Call

By Ronnie W. Rogers / August 21, 2007 / Comments Off on Coming in View of a Call

The elders are excited about recommending Chris Haynes to serve as Minister of Ministry Development and Discipleship at Trinity Baptist Church. Chris is 35 years old and has served as Minister of College, Singles & Recreation at Southern Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City since 1995. He and his wife, Valerie, have been married for…

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The Oxford Round Table: Thank you

By Ronnie W. Rogers / July 9, 2007 / Comments Off on The Oxford Round Table: Thank you

Soon we will be leaving for England, and we could not have done it without your love and support. This is an impossible trip that God has made possible through your love, generosity and prayers. If ever a man knew that the challenge God had laid before him was beyond his ability, it is the…

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VBS—Very Best Servants

By Ronnie W. Rogers / June 8, 2007 / Comments Off on VBS—Very Best Servants

Oh I know, VBS means Vacation Bible School; but each time I see our VBS, I am absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of work that our people pour into making it the best in decoration, teaching, spirit, fun, and environment. Each year, it is evident that you truly seek to produce an excellent VBS, and…

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Summer Prayers

By Ronnie W. Rogers / May 24, 2007 / Comments Off on Summer Prayers

Here we are once again, embarking on another summer. Summer is a wonderful time of travel, vacationing, family outings, hiking, and for our men who like to fish; well it is a time to fish.

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Thank You, Men!

By Ronnie W. Rogers / March 28, 2007 / Comments Off on Thank You, Men!

I just finished reading each of the notes that you wrote me expressing your gratitude for my part in Men’s Fraternity. Let me say, I was humbled at your kindness, spiritually encouraged by your thanksgiving and challenged by your daring bravery in seizing manhood. I will always treasure the time involved and words that each…

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Cheerful Giving!!!

By Ronnie W. Rogers / March 20, 2007 / Comments Off on Cheerful Giving!!!

“Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”(2 Corinthians 9:7) As you well know, a couple in our church gave $200, 000.00 for renovating the Fellowship Hall, Kitchen and Gymnasium. Although they chose to remain anonymous, I want you to…

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Our Students and Spring Break

By Ronnie W. Rogers / March 16, 2007 / Comments Off on Our Students and Spring Break

Many of our students will be spending their spring break with the BSU at our Glorieta Conference Center near Santa Fe, New Mexico. This week is always a special time for students to grow spiritually and for some to make decisions about following God’s call to the mission field, working in a local church, and…

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Bibliography for Intelligent Design, Creation and Evolution

By Ronnie W. Rogers / February 7, 2007 / Comments Off on Bibliography for Intelligent Design, Creation and Evolution

I have enclosed a preliminary list of books and websites in order to help you understand some of the most salient arguments for ID, Creation Science and the Genesis account. These resources will expose some of the most glaring and problematic inadequacies of the theory of Evolution. Unfortunately, these inadequacies are routinely glossed over or…

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Men’s Fraternity Evangelistic Thrust

By Ronnie W. Rogers / December 14, 2006 / Comments Off on Men’s Fraternity Evangelistic Thrust

Evangelism-in-Men’s Franternity-a-response-11-2-06.pdf

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