Coming in View of a Call

The elders are excited about recommending Chris Haynes to serve as Minister of Ministry Development and Discipleship at Trinity Baptist Church.

Chris is 35 years old and has served as Minister of College, Singles & Recreation at Southern Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City since 1995. He and his wife, Valerie, have been married for twelve years and have three children Christopher (5), Caleb (3) and Levi (1).

Chris has a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Ministry from OBU and a Masters in Religious Education from Southwestern Seminary. He was ordained to the ministry by Southern Hills Baptist Church in 1997. He has served in many areas of collegiate ministry, including the position of Associate Baptist Collegiate Minister for Oklahoma City Community College since August 2000, and the State Singles & Collegiate consultant for the BGCO.

Chris received exceptional recommendations from all of the references that we called. Our time with Chris and Valerie has been wonderful. When considering someone for a staff position, one of the most important criteria is to find in a person who has the same basic philosophy of ministry. We see this in Chris.

Chris’s familiarity with Trinity has come about in two ways. First, his brother and sister-in-law, David and Elise Haynes, are members of Trinity. Second, David invited Chris to Men’s Fraternity three years ago when we first started, and Chris has faithfully attended Men’s Fraternity as well as brought others with him. This has afforded Chris an unusual opportunity to get to know what Trinity is about.

Chris will be coming in view of a call on the weekend of September 9th. During that weekend, he will spend some more time with the elders, staff and church leadership on Friday and Saturday. Then on Sunday morning, he will share his testimony and call to the ministry during the Sunday morning worship.

That evening at 5:00 p.m., he will be available to the entire church for Q&A in the choir room. During the evening worship, the elders and staff will share more about why they believe Chris is the one that God has sent us, and will answer any questions that might be asked. This will be followed by a ballot vote with the results announced at the end of the evening worship.

Please be here for this important time in the life of our church and be praying for the Lord’s guidance in everything as well as for Chris and Valerie. A copy of his resume, job description, and a schedule for his time with us September 9th will be available at the church in the Information Center.


Ronnie W. Rogers