Our Students and Spring Break

Many of our students will be spending their spring break with the BSU at our Glorieta Conference Center near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This week is always a special time for students to grow spiritually and for some to make decisions about following God’s call to the mission field, working in a local church, and other decisions about their future walk with God and work in the kingdom.

I know there will be several there this week who do not know Christ as their personal savior. Please pray with me that they will see in the lives of the students who are Christians, the full wonder of the difference knowing Christ makes. Pray that the messages spoken during the week will clearly present the urgency of salvation and the call to advance the kingdom.

Also, some of our young college men went to Washington to spend some time with a former member, Rob Satrom, and spend some time in with Mark Dever’s church, Capitol Hill Baptist Church. I am quite sure this will prove to be a spiritual profitable week.

Please pray with me for these and all of our students over spring break. Pray for their safe travel, and spiritual growth, as well as their having just a great and refreshing break from the demands of Academia.

Trinity is blessed to have these students as a part of our church family; let’s bless them with our prayers this week.


Ronnie W Rogers

Ronnie W. Rogers