Think About IT: Planning Is Looking Better All the Time

My sabbatical began by driving to Seaside, Florida, in order to perform a wedding. We planned to divide the trip into two days by getting a room for the night in Mobile, Alabama. Now, for some reason, we decided not to book a room in advance—I guess that decision was made in an adventurous moment of frivolity or dereliction of duty. Here is a glimpse at our trip to the beautiful Floridian beaches.

In a moment of spontaneity, we were seeking to find a place to rest for the night and actually checked into 3 hotels before finding one that was just right.

The first one was too hard even to the point of not accepting Luna & Lilly (our two long-haired Chihuahuas).

The second one was too soft in that they accepted in their dishabille rooms bugs that were larger and more ferocious than Lilly and Luna.

The third one was just right, accepting the whole family without the uninvited critters and very clean.

Oh well, this is not merely a modern rendition of a favorite fairy tale, but rather a true phantasmagoria at the end of a 900-mile drive.

It now appears wise to take a respite from spontaneous spontaneity lest I need a sabbatical from my sabbatical.

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Ronnie W. Rogers