Think About IT: Concise and to the Point, I Promise!

Those of you who know me know that I am not a first draft writer–meaning that I tend to consider things ad nauseam. Consequently, I tend to refrain from blogging brief comments and only post articles that I have spent some time thinking about, which means that they are at times somewhat lengthy.

Further, those who sit under my weekly preaching, or I suppose even those who have spent any time talking with me, know that I have some difficulty, shall we say, finishing.

The truth is, that from time to time, I have desired to blog briefly on some issues that I do not have the time to consider more deeply, but I have generally refrained except on rare occasion.

However, I am going to start writing concise opinion articles more often. These will not be research articles, and may cover a host of things such as: what happened at church, an extra thought from my message or ponderings, something I heard on TV or radio, I read, saw, or had happen to me or someone I know. The key thing is that instead of refraining from writing on things I have a thought about because I do not have time to research and agonize over the precise wording as I tend to do, I am going to write.

The articles will be entitled “Think About IT”: Then what I am asking us to think about. I have already posted two of these concerning Bristol Palin’s pregnancy and the effectiveness of teaching abstinence, and about Sarah Palin as Vice Presidential candidate.

I hope these will be beneficial to you by being biblically based, clarifying, thought provoking, and a quick read. It will be sort of like walking up to me in the hall and asking me a question, which I respond to briefly, and without much preparation. You will not get everything I think on the subject, or my thoughts about my thoughts on the subject–aren’t you glad–but you will know at least one thing I think about IT. Yes, for you grammarians, the word IT is intended to be in capital letters.

P.S. Now think about what is wrong with me and how pitiful I am when it takes me this long of an article to tell you about how pithy the articles will be. Gee whiz–pray for me.

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