Shall This Plebe Return a Prince?

By Ronnie W. Rogers / July 21, 2007 / Comments Off on Shall This Plebe Return a Prince?

Well, by the Grace of God, and your love and support, we are off to the old country–for those of you who still confuse Miami (OK) with Miami (FL), that’s England. Last time we went to Oxford, we stayed in London a few days as we will be able to this time as well. While…

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Isaac the Cat

By Ronnie W. Rogers / March 14, 2007 / Comments Off on Isaac the Cat

Most of you at Trinity have heard me mention our cat, Isaac. Usually, I used him in humorous illustrations that highlighted the differences between humans and animals–like the truth that Isaac never did chores, or held down a job, at least we never saw him break a sweat or offer to buy our dinner. Although…

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