My Blogs Have Been Rather Sparse

Since leaving on sabbatical last May, my blogs have been rather sparse. However, this is not due to a lack of interest or lack of material. My absence has been due to expending all of my writing energy on finishing three books.

The first one is at the publisher now. I expect it to be in print before the end of June, and I will let you know when the book is available. It is entitled The Death of Man as Man: The Rise and Decline of Liberty.

The second book is complete, and I am just waiting on one more endorsement. It is entitled Reflections of a Disenchanted Calvinist: The Disquieting Realities of Calvinism. I hope for this one to be in print by July or August.

The third one is complete, but lacks a few more proofings. It is entitled Somewhere Between Fundamentalism and Fluff.

Once I send the second book to the publisher, I should have more time to blog.

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Ronnie W. Rogers