Think About IT: Governor Sarah Palin; Can She, Will She, Should She?

As one who cannot vote for Barack Obama because of his pro-abortion position, economic socialism, comfort in Liberation Theology, etc; and one who, while I have respected Senator McCain, has on a number of occasions strongly disagreed with his position, I have found myself actually elated about the McCain ticket. Why? What happened? Well what happened is that I heard Sarah Palin.

I must say, when I heard Governor Palin accept the invitation to be McCain’s vice president, I became more excited and energized than I have been about a candidate since Ronald Reagan. I later feared that enthusiasm might be diminished by her next speech, but her speech at the Republican Convention not only did not diminish my enthusiasm, it amplified it.

Is she capable of being vice president? I mean she is a conservative, woman, mother of five children, believes that God created the world, advocates abstinence teaching, lifetime member of the NRA, from Alaska, served as mayor of a small ordinary town, Governor of Alaska, Washington outsider, graduated from the University of Idaho rather than Harvard or Columbia, and started out serving in the PTA. In addition, she is, according to every report I have heard, an active Bible believing, conservative, evangelical Christian; and she is a real life pro-lifer, which is evidenced by her choice to give birth to Trig, whom she and her husband knew would be born with Down syndrome, and their handling of Bristol’s pregnancy. The truth is that most Down children are aborted and most teen pregnancies either end in abortion, dismissive relativism, or the teen facing the birth without the support of loving parents.

My answer is an absolutely, unequivocal yes.

Will she stay in the race in light of familial attacks and challenges? I say yes. I have neither heard nor seen anything that makes me think she is a quitter. And I say, “Good for Sarah”. If she runs or quits, it should only be because she believes that is the will of God, and not because it is the will of her enemies.

Should she run for Vice President since she is the mother of five children at home? If I were her pastor, I would have counseled her to choose the nobler, albeit far more difficult, opportunity and stay at home with her children until they were grown. This has nothing to do with her capability or being a woman. It has to do with what the Scripture clearly teaches and the eternal and peerless assignment of God to rear a godly heritage (1 Timothy 5:14; Titus 2:5).

Now you may be wondering, how I can enthusiastically support her ((whether I vote for the McCain ticket is still undecided)) since she obviously would not have taken my counsel, and I would assume she disagrees with me. The answer is that while some disagreements are a deal breaker, others, although very important, are not. If everyone had to agree with me on everything before I could love and support them, I fear that even my two Chihuahuas–known far and wide as Luna Doll the sweetest dog of all and Lilly Brown simply the wigglingest dog in town–would abandon me before nightfall.


Ronnie W. Rogers


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