Think About IT: Bristol Is with Child; Therefore, Abstinence Doesn’t Work. REALLY?

The pro-abortionists were ever so quick to capitalize upon the pregnancy of seventeen-year-old Bristol Palin in order to demonstrate the failure of teaching abstinence in schools, a program which the now Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sara Palin strongly advocates.

As is discouragingly all too frequent, the demagogues were so quick in their attack that they spoke devoid of compassion, logic, or common sense. They quite gleefully concluded, “Governor Palin’s seventeen-year-old daughter is pregnant…so much for the effectiveness of teaching abstinence.”

By their logic, public education must be an undeniable failure since some politician’s children have not done well or even flunked out; laws against drunk driving have failed since some politician’s children have been arrested for DWI, etc., etc. If we apply their logic to anything in this life, it will be deemed a failure since nothing works perfectly, which by the way is the logical fallacy of the tyranny of the perfect.

The fact is, they would not apply the same standard to anything they support, nor should they. One may argue the merits of public education, abstinence programs…but as a Christian we should do so based upon biblical truth, research, and good old common sense. Further, we should not let pundits, political operatives, and demagogues get away with such inane shenanigans. They should be ashamed, and if not, shamed by those who listen.

Ronnie W. Rogers