Velvet Elvis: Revisited

As an introduction to Mark Park’s article on Rob Bell’s book “Velvet Elvis”, I mentioned my lack of success in finding adequate reason to be anything but even more disenchanted with Bell’s Velvet Elvis than Gina was with my first encounter with the Velvet Elvis portrait of years ago.

Well, this prompted someone to request what “specifically” I found objectionable about Bell’s book. Consequently, I wrote an evaluation of the book, which highlights some of the areas, which cause me deep concern. Part of the reason I responded with some detail is because the problems I address in his book also highlight some of the problems found in the general area of the “Emergent Church”.

For those of you who want a briefer evaluation, I recommend the one by Mark Park, just search Velvet Elvis.

Velvet Elvis: Revisited

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Ronnie W. Rogers


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