Montana Christian College

Live, Learn, and Grow in Beautiful Montana

Where Every Degree Has a Biblical Foundation

If spiritual growth and discovering God’s journey for your life in one of God’s exquisitely glorious places appeals to you, make sure to give MCC a first-rate consideration as you choose a college.

Montana Christian College is located in the beautiful mountains of Kalispell, Montana, and is easily accessible from Glacier Park International Airport, just 23 minutes (13 miles) away.[1] Kalispell has a population of 29,409, often called the Gateway to Glacier National Park. MCC’s centrally located campus allows students to explore Northwest Montana with access to facilities in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. They offer summer, fall, and winter sports as you work toward a biblically-based degree and grow academically and spiritually.

“Attending Montana Christian College had a positive impact on my life. I grew as a person and, more importantly, closer to God. For anyone wanting to grow in their faith and as a person, I recommend MCC.” Devante King

A woman standing in front of a tree smiling.

MCC is nestled in a picturesque outdoor environment and excels in quality academics, Christian community, and fellowship while providing a tranquil spiritual environment for personal spiritual growth.

As a dedicated Christian college, MCC is firmly built on the Bible, God’s trustworthy and sufficient Word. MCC reflects its Christian worldview throughout its curriculum. Whether in science, history, psychology, mathematics, or its other degree programs, the truths of God are prominently present, thereby holistically educating the mind and nurturing the spirit.

Why Choose Montana Christian College?

“This is where God is leading me to be. My profs are really good. And it is so cool, too, because we don’t have that many people in the classes, and you can communicate with the professors and ask questions, and they respond.” Sylvia Tarver

A woman standing in front of a tree smiling.

MCC has world-class professors so students can learn from the best. The student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1, which gives students the personalized attention they deserve. 89% of our students receive financial aid.

Students Engaged in the Montana Christian College Mission Will Be:

  • Grounded in a biblical worldview
  • Prepared with a foundation for lifetime learning
  • Equipped with professional competence
  • Equipped with practical ministry skills
  • Confirmed in an understanding of the personal mission God has for them

Find out more about Montana Christian College and schedule a tour today![2]

[1] Montana Christian College is affiliated with the Montana Southern Baptist Convention through its Cooperative Program agreement. The college, however, is wholly owned and operated by a self-perpetuating elected Board of Directors.

[2] Some information in this article is taken from the MCC website,

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