America Has Fallen!

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is the powerhouse behind many of the protests, riots, and personal attacks on white Americans in restaurants and other public places. They have made threats, intimidation, riots, and looting commonplace in America. BLM is a Marxist run organization. Two of the three founders, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, claim to be “trained Marxists.” [1] The call to defund police departments across the nation was initiated and is promoted by BLM. It is a Marxist plan intended to deconstruct American society in order to usher in a Marxist socialist society. The BLM website says, “We call for a national defunding of police.” [2] But we must ask, who will protect innocent people from criminals and rioters such as the BLM constituency? The criminals and rioters? 

When people are confused about why the BLM and social justice black rioters kill black people, destroy the private property and livelihood of black citizens, remain silent about the nearly 1,000 black babies aborted daily, and show little concern about rampant black on black murder, they fail to understand the larger goal of BLM and cultural Marxism. Their goal is to demonstrate America is a failed system that must be replaced with socialism. [3] They seek to abolish America. The social justice movement is really about socialistic justice. Thus, anarchy and anarchical contradictions are a part of the process to usher in a socialist utopia. 

Walter E. Williams is an American economist. He is the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University. He notes the way people compare capitalism and Marxism is that “Often when people evaluate capitalism, they evaluate a system that exists on Earth. When they evaluate communism, they are talking about a non-existent Utopia. What exists on Earth with all of its problems and shortcomings, is always going to fail miserably when compared to a Utopia.” [4] Accordingly, they, like other socialists before them (Soviet Union, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam), promise an idealized utopia, but only and always deliver a dystopian nightmare. Modern American socialists all promise they will implement socialism differently than their failed predecessors, but do not be misled; there Marxian socialist predecessors all said the same thing but never delivered. 

Even if BLM was not so brazenly forthright about who they are and their agenda, anyone should be able to see that defunding police departments is insanity unless you are trying to destroy society as it is. That is precisely what the cultural Marxists are seeking to accomplish. All the rioting and killing is a part of a Marxist attempt to discredit and abolish America and replace it with socialism.

The idea that racism is systemic (America’s DNA is racist, something I reject) means that all social structures must be destroyed and replaced. These structures include all civil, political, economic, religious, legal, and familial systems (the biblical nuclear family). Everything in which the United States has unified around must be discredited or destroyed. Some of those unifying components are our history, faith, Declaration of Independence, constitution, the meaning of family, knowable truth, heterosexual monogamous marriage, personal responsibility, capitalism, expressions of patriotism, the national anthem, and the pledge of allegiance. All of which are epitomized symbolically in the American flag; thus, they disrespectfully kneel at the National anthem and the raised flag. 

Such disunifies the United States of America and leaves only the disunified states of a hated America. To abolish America requires the prior destruction of everything that unified The United States of America. Accordingly, social justice warriors employ anarchy to accomplish the destruction of America and capitalism, which (theoretically) will lead to the dream of a socialistic society of equal outcomes. We have witnessed the social justice warriors first destroy private and public property. Then they began destroying historical secular statues and monuments, which was soon followed by the destruction of churches and religious symbols, all as they proclaim Black Lives Matter. [5] 

The needed ingredients for the fall of America are: the destructive rewriting and degrading of American history, emphasizing only the failures and obscuring and banishing the heroism, sacrifice, and good of our history. The many churches that have forsaken “Thus says the Lord” for beliefs and rhetoric that are more suitable for a Tupperware party, or they even trumpet the message of woke socialistic justice. 

Our failed public education system at both the primary and secondary levels, where Christian morals, American history, and patriotism have all but vanished, which inadequately prepares our children for further education and life. Add to this that our liberal, socialistic, and Marxian-centered academia has promoted socialism, decried faith, belittled patriotism, and demeaned capitalism for decades. This academic climate has provided the needed pro-socialist intellectuals to frame the necessary arguments for socialism and against capitalism. The rioters in the street deliver the required fear in the hearts of conservatives who then cave to white guilt (the willingness to do almost anything to avoid being called a racist) and silently seek refuge in selfish suburbanism, wokeness, and tawdry clichés.  Resultantly, America is a weakened opponent against Marxism. This ongoing demonizing of the exceptionalism of America (exceptionalism does not mean perfectionism) is an essential part of the social justice warriors’ plan. The implementation of all these degrading characteristics is necessary because Marxism cannot takeover a strongly knowledgeable, moral, spiritual, and patriotic country.

Given what I have seen, I am not sure whether all that we now know about BLM will convince the woke white evangelicals to disabuse themselves of identifying with BLM declarations, marches, and clothing, although I pray it will. Even denouncing the BLM organization or some of its beliefs still leaves those who proclaim or wear BLM attire advertising for them, which they will gladly accept. The BLM does not care if woke Christians reject some of their platform or tactics so long as the Marxist cause of BLM is promoted by the presence of BLM T-shirts, banners, signs, and rhythmic chants. 

I refuse to herald Black Lives Matters when I can tell the world that all people matter because we are all created by God, in his image, fallen in sin, and loved by God as seen in Christ dying to pay for our sins so that we can live forever with God as God most definitely desires (John 3:16). That declaration leads to proclaiming the gospel, whereas Black Lives Matter’s street language promotes critical race theory, intersectionality, and socialistic justice. 

The seriousness of it all was summarized by Thomas Sowell, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute, speaking on Life Liberty & Levin. Mark Lavine asked his thoughts on what is going on in America–referencing the riots and defunding police. Sowell responded, “I must say, even though I am regarded as a pessimist, I was never pessimistic enough to think things would degenerate to the point where they are now where adult human beings are talking about getting rid of the police. Reducing the police, reducing the resources put into police work when murder statistics are skyrocketing over what they were just a year ago, 2019.” [6] He went on to say, “We may reach a point of no return.” [7] He illustrated this with the fall of Rome. He later said, “If the election goes to Biden, there is a good chance the Democrats will control the two branches of Congress and the White House and considering the kinds of things they are proposing, that could well be the point of no return for this country.” [8] 

Social justice warriors Marxist attempt to destroy America and replace it with socialism has a long history in America with men like W.E.B Du Bois in the first half of the twentieth century. He was followed by the Marxist militants of the sixties who, like BLM, did not follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King. With the help of a Marxian socialistic sympathy that extends from primary education to academia, and includes much of the media, the socialistic justice warriors advance. The BLM works in concert with countless leftist progressives and avowed socialists in our country. Together, they provide a serious attempt to topple America, capitalism, and with that, all Christian influence and the freedom of religion. 

Tragically, as in the past, naive Christians help them to accomplish their goals of transforming America into a godless socialist country. America has not fallen, but she is weakened. She may very well fall because of the present social justice attempt, or subsequently, if woke Christians and pastors continue to facilitate the spread of their socialistic justice instead of God’s equal and impartial justice. If we who love America, capitalism, and religious freedom fail to pray against this evil and speak often and clearly for America and against the socialists, the headline may one day be. America has Fallen!

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Ronnie W. Rogers