Think About IT: Who Should Pay For My Insurance When I Choose to Follow God?

Many years ago, I worked for the Rock Island Railroad, and I had Traveler’s health insurance, which is simply the best of the best. It was grand and paid everything. Then I left the railroad to devote all of my energy to my business. That decision included leaving my paid insurance and having to find some I could afford.

Well, I finally did get insurance, albeit substantially less grand than Traveler’s, but not before Gina became pregnant with our second child, which I had to pay for out of pocket–whoops!

Now should you, or anyone, have to foot the bill for my personal decision–not to mention my lack of planning? Obama says yes, but I say no.

When I surrendered to preach, I sold my businesses and eventually went to school. By the time I left for school, we had two small children and not enough money to go to school and pay for insurance. The choice was between the two because we could not afford to do both. We believed that God wanted us to go to school, and that we did.

For three years, we had no health insurance. During those years, extravagance was buying a frozen pizza. While God was surely gracious to us, without selling our car and drastically downsizing, we could not have paid for the doctors care that our children needed or school.

I do not regret my decision to forgo insurance in order to follow God, but should you or anyone have to foot the bill for my personal–religious–decision to follow God? Obama says yes, but I say no.

Personal responsibility and choice are inherent in being created in the image of God, and when the federal government diminishes responsible decision-making, there is a loss of dignity, decreased perceived need for the gospel, and a concomitant undue expansion of government.

Ronnie W. Rogers