Science, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

Recently, Richard Carpenter ((Dr. Carpenter holds a Ph. D. in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma and is currently Vice President for Numerical Weather Prediction at Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.)) presented a superb paper to The Roundtable in Ideology at Trinity Baptist Church. His précis, which he derived from the full paper, was read to and discussed with the group over a period of three weeks.

With his permission, I have posted his three précis. They briefly and superbly elucidate several critical elements of the present debate regarding Evolution, Intelligent Design, and Creationism.

I encourage you to read all three in order to familiarize yourself with the important clarifications Richard makes regarding these key concepts; however, if you desire to read only one, here is the general content of each:

Part I – The Philosophy of Science, Cosmology, and Cosmogony
Part II – The Origin of Life and Species
Part III – Intelligent Design and Public Education

Ronnie W. Rogers