Think About IT: The Monkey Has Left His Cage

Those of you who know me, know that I am deeply concerned about the pervasiveness of viewing all of life through the lenses of evolution. Thus man is only different in degree from animals rather than created in the image of God and therefore categorically different. Lest you think I am overstating the case when I argue that the most prominent evolutionist see everything through the lenses of “survival of the fittest” and therefore rules that apply to understanding animals apply to man, please note the following.

Peter Atkins, a very prominent evolutionist, professor of physical chemistry and a fellow of Lincoln College at Oxford University, participated in “The Future of Science conference that was held in Venice, Italy in September of 2006. The theme was evolution and as the organizers themselves state: “Evolution is a central concept in many spheres of human endeavour, ranging from astrophysics and genetics to philosophy and psychology. Reflection about evolution is reflection about ourselves, our future and our place in the universe.”

Consequently, the fundamental difference in the monkey at the zoo and you is that you are out of your cage.

Ronnie W. Rogers