The Message of Mormonism

When anyone sees two young men riding bicycles and wearing white shirts and black ties, he can be almost certain that the Mormon missionaries are spreading the message of Mormonism.

Generally, Mormons are well educated and hard working as well as being fairly knowledgeable about Mormonism. Often times, they are even more knowledgeable about how to confound the average Christian with seemingly inexhaustible quotes from their authoritative books–including the KJV–apostles and prophets of the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

I have read that as many as forty percent of Mormons come from a Baptist background. The reason for this is because while Baptists are known for being “people of the Book” meaning the Bible, they are all too often inadequately familiar with “the people of the Book”; thus, they are fitting prey for the Mormon Missionaries who seek to convert Christians from being “people of the Book” to “people of the books”, which includes all of the Mormon writings.

In order to speak the truth to Mormons, and not be lured into the cult by their cunning ways, Christians must be armed with the truth of Scripture and an understanding of Mormonism’s doctrines, falsehoods and tactics.

The following documents were designed to equip Christians to engage Mormonism with the truth.

Both of these documents are used in the TEC class “Witnessing to a Mormon”. The first document contains notes, which I discuss after the class has viewed the video “The Mormon Puzzle”. This is an excellent video on Mormonism, and even if you have not watched the video, the notes contain valuable information on Mormonism. The second document is a copy of the notes that I use to teach the class.


Ronnie W. Rogers