The Deity of Christ – Undeniable!

Undeniable should not be taken to mean that no one denies Christ is God. One only has to look into the halls of academia, walk the corridors of cults, listen to the mantra of atheists and agnostics, or scan the pages of antiquity to find a plethora of individuals all too willing to deny that Jesus Christ is God incarnate; however, the deity of Christ is undeniable if the pages of Holy Scripture are allowed to speak.

Although one may not fully comprehend the declaration of Scripture concerning Christ being fully God and fully man in one person, it is undeniable that it is proclaimed in Scripture. But even the lucidity of Scripture regarding the nature of Christ does not bridle the pride of cults in seeking to strip Christ of His deity and none more formidably so than the Jehovah Witnesses.

They have gone to great lengths to explain away every Scripture that clearly teaches or implies the full deity of Christ. They have done this in the voluminous writings of the Watchtower, their “New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures” and “The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures.”

If you want to arm yourselves with the knowledge of what the original languages actually say concerning the deity of Christ and how JW have meticulously mistranslated all of the verses that teach Christ’s deity, I encourage you to study the following two documents.

The first one is the outline I use to teach people how to witness to a JW. It deals with several of the most salient verses concerning the deity of Christ and the JW tactics and responses.

The second one goes into greater depth concerning the phrase “I Am” ego eimi, which Jesus used of himself and is a direct claim to being Yahweh. This was produced in response to their quoting (actually misquoting) the great Greek Scholar A. T. Robertson in order to show that he supported their translations. Of course he did not, and I demonstrate that in this paper.



Ronnie W. Rogers