The Oxford Round Table – Thank you

Soon we will be leaving for England, and we could not have done it without your love and support.  This is an impossible trip that God has made possible through your love, generosity and prayers.  If ever a man knew that the challenge God had laid before him was beyond his ability, it is the man who pens these words.

The Oxford Round Table will be held in Oxford, at Harris Manchester College.  The subject we are addressing is “Religion, Education, Public Schools and Politics: Is There Common Ground?”  My presentation is entitled, “The Decline of Religion in Public Education and The Decline of Public Education”.

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True Worshipers, Not Just worshipers

I spoke at Paradigm last Thursday night on the subject of worship. I reminded them that about half of all that the Bible says about worship is condemning false worship. As a matter of fact, the amount of Scripture devoted to false worship, along with the subtlety of false worship, should cause every Christian to approach worship with a healthy amount of fear lest we also become guilty of false worship.

A.W. Tozer, who served thirty-one years as the pastor of Chicago’s Southside Gospel Tabernacle (1928-1959), dedicated himself to calling the Church back to a radical obedience to Christ and warning about the menace of idolatry for civilized man.

In his book, The Knowledge of the Holy, subtitled, “Why We Must Think Rightly about God,” he warns that idolatry, Continue reading →