This New Year and Every Day I Ask God To…

Grant that I would confess unguardedly to You since You know my sin more fully than it shall ever be known by me (1 John 1:9).

Grant that I shall confess unhesitatingly and not suffer the loss of one moment of fellowship with You (1 Cor 1:9).

Grant that repentance would be seen as my ever-present friend that carries me back to you and not a distant stranger (Rom 2:4).

Grant that I think about dying to self a hundred times more than I think of living (1 Cor 15:31).

Grant that I pursue and choose humility like my Lord Jesus (Phil 2:8).

Grant that I decreasingly have to be humbled to conform me to Christ (Matt 26:75).

Grant that I cherish obscurity more than prominence (John 3:30).

Grant that my awareness of what you give me is never overshadowed by any sense of lack (Eph 1:3).

Grant that any sense of self-pity, lack, loss, or despondency would be conquered by gratefulness for not receiving what I deserve and receiving your blessings that I do not deserve (Eph 2:1-4).

Grant that I would daily live to influence people toward eternity with You (John 1:7).

Grant that sharing things with others would continually bridle the passion of my flesh to accumulate things for me (Matt 6:4).

Grant that sharing with others is more important to me than maintaining an inordinate sufficiency for me (Eph 4:28).

Grant that, come what may, I never fall out of love with You and Your Word (Rev 2:4).

Thank you, Lord!

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Ronnie W. Rogers