The Evidences of Concern within the Southern Baptist Convention

I am a member of the Conservative Baptist Network (CBN), which is composed of Christians who are a part of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). We organized February 2020 over shared concerns that the SBC was adopting ideas and practices that are contrary to the teaching of Scripture and therefore undermine the gospel, the reliability of the sufficiency of Scripture, and the work of God in the SBC through what is known as the Conservative Resurgence (CR). It is the CR that God brought about that saved the SBC from drifting into liberalism and neo-orthodoxy, both of which undermine the trustworthiness of Scripture.

We are concerned that the fruit of the CR is being spoiled by infidelity to the Scripture by some of our leaders. This infidelity is traceable to liberal and moderate theological perspectives, particularly in the areas of the principles of biblical interpretation and teaching, homosexuality and transgender ideas, and being far too accommodating to foreign and spiritually destructive philosophies like critical race theory, Liberation Theology, and adding social justice to the gospel.

Although we have repeatedly presented evidence for our concerns, we have not done so in one document. Below is the document that meets that need. I pray you will read it and be concerned enough to stand with us to bring our convention back in line with Scripture in these areas in which it has strayed.

The Evidences of Concern Within the Southern Baptist Convention

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