A Corruption of Consequence: Adding Social Justice to the Gospel

I have written this very readable book to help Christians and pastors understand cultural Marxism and its influence on social justice, critical race theory, intersectionality, and to understand the clear and present danger to the gospel, Christianity, and America. Because, Marxian social justice poses an imminent and grave threat to every American, including our children and grandchildren. It will take an informed and courageous church to stand against cultural Marxism’s advance under the guise of social justice.

Why read this book? Because there is a grave danger that lurks behind the seemingly friendly term of social justice. Contemporary social justice endangers our country, families, and, most importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Social justice is, in many ways, a euphemism for cultural Marxism. What has made its threat even more treacherous is that cultural Marxism ideas have made their way into conservative evangelicalism and the Southern Baptist Convention. If Christians believe that social justice is the same as God’s impartial justice, they will unintentionally facilitate godless Marxism. They will be instruments of corrupting the gospel of Jesus Christ. This book provides a biblical critique and understanding of social justice, which prepares Christians to stand firm against the culture and for God’s impartial justice, truth, love, and the gospel.


“This book, penned by a pastor-scholar, is one that every pastor needs to read. And the people of Zion’s churches can grasp its message easily.”
Paige Patterson, President of Sandy Creek Foundation

“Ronnie Rogers highly accessible primer on this otherwise complex topic is a vital tool. It is not just a must-read, but an urgent one.”
Rod D. Martin, J.D., Founder and CEO The Martin Organization, Inc.

“Ronnie Rogers adeptly explains Critical Race Theory, Social Justice, and Intersectionality. If I were to read only one book this year, this would, without a doubt, be the one.”
Z. Scott Colter, Executive Director, Sandy Creek Foundation

“Ronnie addresses Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and Woke in a straightforward, benevolent, and respectful tone this volume is a must-read.”
Mark H. Ballard, Ph.D., President/Founder Northeastern Baptist College

“Ronnie Rogers is a pastoral scholar who shatters the lie that a Christian can embrace social justice and critical race theory without destroying the basic teachings of Christ.”
Dr. Tom Hatley, Pastor, IBC Global Outreach Center

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