Trouble in the SBC: Some Helpful Links

I have written and spoken about the many fruits that still exist from God’s Conservative Resurgence which restored the primacy of the inerrant Scripture in and throughout all of our Southern Baptist entities. I have also written and spoken in a series In Defense of God’s Order and the Gospel–about the present peddling of destructive ideas such as social justice, Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, feminism, women preachers and prophetesses in the local church, Me Too excessive right by might, reducing biblical complementarianism to soft complementarianism (or one could say soft egalitarianism) and obscuring the unambiguous message and language regarding homosexuality and gender fluidity.

To help people make up their own minds about whether the people being accused of promoting these corrosive ideas are actually doing so, I provide the following links. My provision of them does not mean that I necessarily agree with everything said about the individuals, but I do believe they are, as a whole, accurate and very much worth hearing.

By What Standard is a documentary covering many of the problems in the SBC, and the documentary Enemies within the church is being made, but you can watch the trailer. The links to Jon Harris and Dr. Williams allows you to hear several more individuals speaking in their own words.

  1. The Cinedoc By What Standard provides an overview of some troubling tendencies and trends in the SBC.
  2. Enemies within the church A movie is being made regarding social justice and white privilege; the trailer is well worth watching.
  3. Jon Harris does a good job of dealing with a number of issues, which allows you to hear them in their own words such as Woke professors at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and others.Â
  4. E.S. Williams, a member of Charles Spurgeon’s London Metropolitan Tabernacle, explains Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality and presents his case for Albert Mohler’s significant involvement in spreading it in the SBC.
  5. Here are three superb articles by B. Nathaniel Sullivan. The first one addresses problems with Resolution 9. The second one addresses problems with J.D. Greear’s position on homosexuality, which will help you to understand the position of other like-minded SBC leaders. The third addresses the serious problems with Social Justice, undermining of the pro-life position by some of our leaders, Revoice and the quest to normalize homosexuality in the SBC.
    Two Ominous Mistakes Southern Baptists Made When They Passed Resolution 9
    Southern Baptists: Danger Ahead Word Foundations Articles on Social Justice

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