We Can Pray for Our Wives Today

Father forgive me for not loving the mate that you gave me as she so needs and deserves. Oh God, what grace for you to have given her to me. She has now for these many days walked the walk of faith with me. She has encouraged me beyond measure, made laughter my friend, reared the most wonderful children beyond what mere man can even imagine, and not faltered in our tumultuous journey.

You have used her to mold me into a better dad, husband, friend, and follower of you. Our differences have blessed me with peaks of unadulterated giddiness and challenged me to humility and holiness beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Her uniqueness has caused me to face my own sinfulness in ways I surely would have shunned without her, for truly marriage, although densely peppered with bliss and joy, is the crucible of exposing sin and drawing one to holiness if they desire, and I do.

I do so desperately want to love as you love. I want to love my dear wife far more than I do or can on my own; although I love her more than anyone other than you. I want to love her with the love of your glory. There is no woman on earth that I want other than the one you have most graciously given me, and for that I thank Thee; but I so want to love her as my Lord Jesus “loves the church.”

That I love her so passionately and singularly can only be attributed to what you have done in my life even though she is on her own so deserving of such love, for I am, without your work and constant convicting, healing, and growing, woefully incapable of such love.

I pray for her to know my love daily. Help me to encourage and accept her; may you fill her days with reminders of your love for her and how you have and are using her. Protect her from making decisions without sufficient thought and continue to enrich lives through her heart of joy, sacrifice for others, love of family, love of you, and bountiful and generous giving heart.

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Ronnie W. Rogers