Defending the Faith

Like it or not, the time in which we live demands that we as Christians be able to give some reasons for our belief in the truthfulness of Christianity and the Scripture. For example, Christians must be able to answer questions like are the disciples reliable resources? Are miracles possible? How can we test the reliability of ancient documents? Was Jesus merely a good man or teacher? Is there any evidence for believing in the resurrection?

Evidence for the trustworthiness of the Scripture and the claims of Christ and the Apostles are essential for speaking to our culture.

Richard Carpenter presented a superb paper in The Roundtable in Ideology entitled “The Case for Christ.” It is a succinct treasury of evidence for the trustworthiness of the claims of the Scripture and Christ. If you want to be equipped to answer some of the toughest questions concerning your Christian faith, then read this.

Case for Christ RT 2008

Ronnie W. Rogers