Postmodern Emergent Church vs. Orthodox Evangelical Church

Billy Wolf has provided me with a chart that succinctly summarizes some of the fundamental differences between a biblical view of scriptural doctrines and the teaching of the postmodern emergent church. Although the emergent church leaders may be good writers, winsome, and quite capable of persuading young men and women who have little knowledge of the Scripture, they are actually communicating some of the same distortions that have been taught by liberalism or neo-orthodoxy in the past, albeit with a little different twist.

These are not stylistic differences or ancillary doctrines; they are distorting the essential truths of the Scripture. They have in many cases become too much like the ones to whom they are seeking to be relevant. Thus, if they reach these postmoderns, many remain lost because too much truth was sacrificed in the quest for relevance.


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Ronnie W. Rogers