Nihilism and Existentialism Not as Esoteric as You Think!

Rarely do I find a succinct, clear presentation of two somewhat esoteric worldviews like “Nihilism” and “Existentialism”. However, Christoph Koehler did just that in his Round Table presentation on these topics; consequently, I thought I would blog his presentation for you.Now, I know that some of you are thinking what do nihilism and existentialism have to do with real life. Well, I think if you will read this summary, you will find some ideas in them that you hear in various forums in the real world. For example, the vacuousness of naturalism, which is the dominant metaphysic in academia today, is revealed in his section on nihilism. The reason you may not even be aware of the prevalence of naturalism in normal conversations, lectures, and pronouncements is that its presence is quite often obfuscated by the gauzy disguise of scientific jargon.

Check it out!

Nihilism Existentialism

Ronnie W. Rogers