Did Jesus Really Believe in Unconditional Election and Irresistible Grace for some?

I just concluded a six-week series on John 12:27-50 entitled The Dynamic of the Gospel Encounter. This passage gives extraordinary insight into what actually transpires when the gospel is shared. In this series, I contrast the perspective of Calvinism and Extensivism. That is to say, does the passage teach that God unconditionally elected some to salvation, or does it teach that He designed His plan of redemption to comprehend the unconditional offer of salvation to everyone while making the reception of the benefits of the gospel conditioned upon grace-enabled faith? Continue reading →

Homosexuality: Know the facts

Since the Supreme Court decision to legalize homosexual marriage, no one can escape being affected by this sweeping decision. Citizens must realize what has and is going to continue to happen. As I mentioned in a previous article, the loss of religious liberty may very well prove to be one of the great , if not the greatest, losses to American Citizens.

This article in the Weekly Standard is well worth your time. It is informative, alarming, and I believe foreboding.

A Response to bloggers on SBC Today

As noted earlier, SBC Today published an interview with me regarding my book, Reflections of a Disenchanted Calvinist, as well as a four part series on my chapter entitled “The Lamb’s Book of Life: who’s in and who’s out?

As you can imagine, there were many responses. The editor of SBC Today has been kind enough to allow me to respond to several bloggers comments that I think need a word of clarification or correction.

The site indicates that my responses will be published Saturday July, 27 2012.

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