Loving the Homosexual to Healing with Truth

Here is the summary of our study on what the Bible says concerning homosexuality.  If you have not been with us over the last eight weeks of examining every major passage on homosexuality in the Bible, then these conclusions may look overly ambitious.  If you have not been with us, I encourage you to download the entire series.  This summary is merely to serve as a reminder of the major conclusions that can be drawn from the Scripture concerning homosexuality.

If you have not been taught what the Scripture teaches concerning homosexuality, I want to encourage you to listen to this series entitled, “Loving the Homosexual to Healing with Truth.”  We still have several weeks to go in this study, but we have concluded the section which looks at each of the major passages in detail.

It is important that Christians speak the truth in love, which requires loving God, the people Christ died for, and the truth, and also knowing the truth. Continue reading →