Think about IT: Are lawyers an endangered species?

Sherry Colb, law professor at Cornell Law School, said on a post on the school’s community site that she didn’t fault Palin for having an amniocentesis test, even though others have criticized Palin for doing so in light of her pro-life stance.

Colb said, “When a woman is pregnant, she is so intimately connected with her baby and yet so ignorant about the baby’s progress without a doctor or midwife to give her information….An amniocentesis provides information in an otherwise frustratingly opaque setting.

She went on to say, “I do, however, fault Sarah Palin for wanting to deprive American women of a choice that she herself had and that she apparently thought about making.” WOW!

First, there is no indication that Sarah Palin contemplated an abortion, I suppose that Colb deduced that from Palin’s choice to have the test. Of course, there are other reasons for having the test, like being aware of problems that can be corrected if caught in time or the one that Sarah Palin told People Magazine, “I was grateful to have all those months to prepare. I can’t imagine the moms that are surprised at the end. I think they have it a lot harder.”

Second, Colb’s position not only misread the facts, but also exalts the choice to terminate above the right to life. Just on a personal level, Colb may need to be reminded that many believe there are some irrefutable arguments that can be made for decreasing the number of lawyers in America. One would have to conclude that since she is not against taking the life of innocent babies who through no fault of their own need extra love and care, she could not possibly be opposed to euthanizing sinister lawyers.

Jesse, 13, Justin, 8, Jonny, 16, and Daniel, 12, read a magazine that has a story in it about the three of them. (Courtesy of the Curtis family)Barbara Curtis, mother of twelve of which four are Down syndrome, said, “The basic thesis is this is a person who is lesser, so therefore we don’t want to bring him into the world.”

The truth is that slavery, abortion and infanticide are all built upon the same barbaric premise that the choice of the powerful supersedes the right to life of the weaker innocent.